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    1. Worked like a crazy person. 2. Put together Tori's new bed. Isn't it great? 3. The headboard with the shelves was the hardest part. 3. But then we couldn't hook in the side slats. 4. There may have been some yelling. 5. Threw up our hands and gave up for a few days because it was...
    Charlie and I got together right around this time in 1992. So we've been together a long ass time now. Plus the last decade we've both worked from home. Plus for the last couple of years we actually work together. Not in the same room, we're not insane. Not even on the same floor. This means...
    November 5, 2018 · Blog · 6
    So let me tell you about Tori for like maybe the two of you who don't follow me on instagram or facebook and already know all of this. First of all, she's literally the most beautiful person in the world. Yep, sorry, your kid is very adorable but my kid wins all the things because she is...
    November 4, 2018 · Blog · 7
    Here in the Philly area we have a shocking shortage of Trader Joe's stores. I realize how much of a dumb white girl problem that is yet it is also true. There's one in Center City (which is what we call downtown) that is always so crowded on weekends that the line literally snakes through the...
    November 3, 2018 · Blog · 9
    Why in the ever loving fuck didn't our mothers and grandmothers warn us? I'm fifty, and my body is an asshole, beyond the aches and pains. For two weeks of each month, sleep becomes a fucking joke. Why sleep when I can lie awake staring at the ceiling freaking out about the universe? Then I...
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