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Tension Headache

NaBloPoMo, Day 4

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Here in the Philly area we have a shocking shortage of Trader Joe's stores. I realize how much of a dumb white girl problem that is yet it is also true. There's one in Center City (which is what we call downtown) that is always so crowded on weekends that the line literally snakes through the entire store. We arrive, get in line with an empty cart, and then just shop while we wait in line. It's kind of a nightmare, but they have their checkout game so refined it takes much less time then you'd think.

Now that we're in the outer edge of West Philly and literally blocks from the suburbs, we opted to hit up one of the suburban Trader Joe's.

This was a horrible mistake.

I have never been a confrontational person. Before I got sober my method of coping with confrontation was to either lie through my teeth or just ghost on you. Now I handle it better if a confrontation needs to happen, but I'd generally rather not get into it with anyone, particularly strangers. I figure I never know what kind of day that person is having, right? So that's been me, up until now.

Now everything is different. Do NOT fuck with me.

So, back to TJs. The parking lot there is a hot fucking mess at 10 am on a Tuesday, and this was Saturday afternoon. Plus this particular store is right next to the most expensive shopping center in the entire Philadelphia area so people shopping there can be perhaps just a bit entitled. I was ready for that but what surprised me is they were also completely combative.

Charlie and I were patiently waiting for a woman to leave her space because we'd already circled for ten minutes trying to find a spot, but after nearly seven minutes of her being in her car and not pulling out, Charlie hopped out of the car to see if she was even leaving at all.

For some reason, a young millennial man leaped the woman's defense and started yelling at Charlie. I rolled down my window (I was driving) and said, "Sir, we were just asking if she's leaving." He started yelling at me and Charlie both, accusing us of harassing the woman. Then he started cursing.


It was not my finest moment. Perhaps I may have said, after several back and forths as Charlie got back into the car, "Fuck you, you motherfucking douchebag, it's none of your motherfucking business." Or maybe I didn't. Who knows? All I can say is, I am so glad that no one nearby had their phone out. AND THAT WAS ONLY THE FIRST TIME SOMEONE YELLED AT US.

We finally GOT a space, parked, and were headed into the store when some other rage-filled middle-aged woman started yelling at me that we stole her space. We proceeded to have the most lovely chat, and it only took me like six hours to calm down.

How's your weekend? AND I TOLD YOU THESE POSTS MIGHT BE BORING. I'm sorry. Tomorrow I'll probably tell you about a dream I had tonight. So exciting, right?

Also, please go vote on Tuesday. I'm not going to be nice and tell you I don't care who you vote for, just vote. Because I do care. Can we please get some Democrats up in there just to apply the brakes on this administration now and then? I'm literally begging you.

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