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My Heart Is named Tori

NaBloPoMo, Day 5

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So let me tell you about Tori for like maybe the two of you who don't follow me on instagram or facebook and already know all of this.

First of all, she's literally the most beautiful person in the world. Yep, sorry, your kid is very adorable but my kid wins all the things because she is fucking phenomenal. This picture was taken this morning.


She turned twelve this summer, so she's nearly twelve and a half. I had no idea how awesome twelve would be. She's funny as hell — like I literally pee my pants (don't judge, I'm fucking fifty) laughing on a near daily basis thanks to her.

She knows everything. Well, she thinks she does. I disagree but she sure does know a lot. She's gone down a dozen different paths to explore things she's interested in and I love that about her.

She's a great artist, truly creative with an uncanny knack for color and character creation. She's focused on illustration and alternates from using ink and watercolor to drawing on her iPad. I am constantly amazed by her incredible creativity. She did this one today.

She has a ton of friends at school but her closest friend is S. I don't know if you all remember our old neighbors in East Falls and Lansdowne — our dogs were best friends and it was hilarious because their dog was a 12 pound min-pin and ours was a 100 pit bull — but their daughters P and S are now Tori's "SeaStars". Well, not so much the older one because of TEEN and MARCHING BAND and BUSY and EYE ROLLING.

But S & T literally share a brain. They have a sleepover literally every week either here or there and the first hour they are together after a week apart is pretty much like watching software get updated as they get their brains back in synch. I had great kid friends, and many best friends in my life, but not one as close as these two are. I love them so much.

I particularly love that Tori is holding on to being a kid as hard as she can. Sure, she plays with makeup, but she is still all kid. She and S have a whole room in our new house that's just for the dolls and yes I know that's crazy but they are all in the middle of hundreds of storylines so they needed the room (plus we have four bedrooms now and have the space). They also modify the dolls — like strip off all their paint and redo it and curl their hair and stuff. I love it so much.

Yes Tori still goes to the crazy alternative school, and yes, it's still the #1 best place for her and we're thrilled she's happy, learning, and able to be fully herself.

Because Tori is a lesbian.

She came out first as pansexual when she was ten but she's now sure she's 100% GAY FOR GIRLS. Yes, she read this and is 100% cool with me telling you. Because she loves telling everyone. We're of course 100% happy with whomever she chooses to love unless they are an asshole. Obviously. Also, she's super shy about being gay.

Isn't she great?

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