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Analyzing Your Competition:
Yes, You Should

A Simple, Quick, and Easy Guide for Competitor Analysis.

If you're seeking to grow your blog audience, it's worthwhile to take some time to evaluate what you're up against. There are only so many eyeballs and an awful lot of content out there to choose from, and having an idea where you stand in the blog landscape is a critical tool for success.
Here's my advice for a relatively simple and easy way to evaluate the bloggers in your niche. Please note: this is not a complete guide for in-depth competitive analysis for businesses. This is a quick and dirty bunch of tricks for the everyday blogger to get a sense of what their competitors are doing. 
Start With Content
Here's how to evaluate the content of your competitors.
Where Does The Content Live?
Simply put, take a look at the blog's nav bar (and don't forget the footer nav too!). How are they categorizing their content?
What Kinds of Content Do They Produce?
Are they offering eBooks? Printables? Downloadable guides? Blog posts? Videos? Take stock of everything they are producing.
• How Often Do They Post?
Check out how frequently they are posting and in what categories.
• Who Is Creating the Content?
Is it a group site? Single creator? 
• How's the Quality?
Is it well written or produced? Grammatically correct? 
Evaluate Design
• How does the site look?
• Is it easy to use and navigate?
• Where are the social icons placed?
• What theme are they using? (Use What Theme Is That to determine theme)
SEO Research
Find out what your competitor's sites are optimized for using a few free tools. Once you sign up for a free account, you can use SEO Book's tool. If you want insight into your own site and you have Google Analytics, check out Quick Sprout's free tool.
Traffic Analysis
There is no perfect tool for checking out the traffic other sites get. Unless you can see into their analytics, you won't get a true sense of their stats. But that said, I find Similar Web does the best job and offers the best info.
Social Media Analysis
• What platforms do they use the most?
• What do they share on social media? Just links, or do they engage in conversation?
• How often do they share the same content?
This info can be really interesting to see. I know I don't do targeted sharing nearly as much as I should.
Once you've compiled this research, you'll have a lot more information to inform your strategy for your blog. But remember this: you are still the best blogger for YOUR site. Don't mimic or imitate. Just see what you might be able to do better, and do it. 
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